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Types of Honey Bees

William Deyesso

William Deyesso is an experienced corporate executive who has served as a CEO and corporate vice president in the insurance and real estate industries. Also active on corporate boards such as Russell Road Food & Beverage, V-Active Software Corporation, and others, William Deyesso enjoys a number of hobbies that include biking, yoga, and beekeeping.

Also known as apiculture, beekeeping is the process of managing and cultivating honey bee colonies. Beekeepers, who are known as apiarists, manage honey bees to produce honey, provide pollination for crops, coincide with nectar flows, and even to sell as livestock. There are several types of honey bees common in the United States.

- Italian honey bees – Known for their extended periods of brood rearing, this bee provides excellent honey production and is less defensive than other types
- German bee – A very tough bee that can survive harsh winters, however it is more defensive and prone to disease.
- Carniolan bee – An extremely docile type, this bee is known for its quick population growth. However, this causes overcrowding issues.
- Caucasian bee – Known for a long tongue that allows pollination of more flower types, this bee is poor at honey production compared to other bee types.
- Buckfast bee – Although this bee can survive in cold and wet climates, it is one of the most defensive types.

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