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The Visiting Nurses Association of America Toolkit

William Deyesso

With certification from the Bryant & Stratton School of Business in Boston, William Deyesso has served as the chief executive officer of Royal Administration Services since 2000. William Deyesso contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including the Visiting Nurses Association of America (VNAA).

A nonprofit program, the VNAA was established to advance the ideals of home-based care, including quality, value, and innovation. With members that range from hospital-affiliated to independent home care nurses, the VNAA's long-term goals - improving care, driving innovation, and increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes in home care - benefit both the patients and their nurses.

To give their members a better chance of success, the VNAA offers a toolkit through its Center for Value-Based Transformation. The toolkit is designed to give members the resources they need to promote new care models in their organization or community.

The VNAA toolkit includes proven care models and clinical practices for members to reference. Members can also find information in the kit about changes in Medicaid law and financial risks.


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