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The Role of Hops in Micro Brewing

William Deyesso

Retiree William Deyesso likes to keep busy and one of his preferred hobbies is microbrewing. In 2017, William Deyesso and Hobbs Brewery received the bronze medal in the Colorado Beer Fest and he continues to experiment with microbrewing.

Hops, a type of climbing vine with no tendrils, gained popularity as a beer ingredient in the 15th century. While only malted barley, yeast, and water are essential to beermaking, other ingredients are often added for flavor complexity.
Hops emerged as the most popular due to their versatility. Depending on when hops are added, they provide aroma or add a bitterness that offsets beer's natural sweetness. Regardless of when they enter the mix, hops help preserve the beer and extend its shelf life.
Hops have taken on a central role in American brewing, with a variety of available flavors. Some brews tend to turn out bitter, while others are floral or grassy; all brews double down on the traditional role of hops in developing their flavor profiles. American brewers have also developed a new beer style called the imperial India pale ale, which has a high alcohol content and a powerful, hoppy flavor.

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