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The Kennedy Center’s Homemaking Service for the Elderly

William Deyesso

As executive vice president of the Wynn Management and Development Co. in Boston, William Deyesso directed nationwide developments. Currently, William Deyesso volunteers to help the elderly at the Kennedy Center in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The Kennedy Center has served the Charlestown community for 50 years with a wide range of services and events. Among the most popular services it offers are Eldercare Services. Eldercare Services take the form of Personal Care services and Homemaking services.

Homemaking services are performed by well-trained workers and customized to the needs of each client. These services may include (but are not limited to) making and changing beds, washing dishes, defrosting freezers, vacuuming, and meal preparation. Such services are welcomed by any senior, but are especially valuable to the elderly whose health makes daily living more challenging.
These Homemaking services provided by the Kennedy Center help ensure a clean and safe home environment for Charlestown-area residents enrolled in the program.

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