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The Greater Boston Food Bank’s Brown Bag Program

William Deyesso

A Massachusetts-based business leader, William Deyesso possesses years of experience in the real estate and insurance industries. Alongside his professional activities, William Deyesso gives back to the community through his support of groups such as the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB).

In its efforts to provide one meal a day to every hungry person in Eastern Massachusetts, GBFB offers a number of hunger-relief programs serving vulnerable populations. Working in collaboration with partner organizations, GBFB oversees its Brown Bag program, which provides nutritious food items to the area’s senior citizen population.
Each month, the program distributes supplemental groceries to more than 8,500 seniors dealing with food insecurity due to fixed incomes, limited mobility, and other issues. Those who benefit from the program receive a monthly grocery bag filled with around $40 worth of nutritious food such as milk, cheese, vegetables, and poultry.
Volunteers and 15 partner sites throughout the community support GBFB’s Brown Bag program. For more information about GBFB and its work to end hunger, visit

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