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The Benefits of Raising Honeybees

William Deyesso

The former executive vice president of Wynn Management and Development Co., William Deyesso was responsible for all real estate management and development operations of the company. Currently, he serves as chief executive officer of Buyer’s Choice Inc. When away from work, William Deyesso takes interest in beekeeping.

Defined as the process of maintaining beehives, beekeeping has a variety of advantages. Honey and wax are popular products that beekeepers can harvest from their hives. On average, one bee produces 1/12 teaspoon of honey over the course of its six-week lifespan. This means a single colony comprising 20,000 worker bees could yield more than 2 gallons of honey, and honeybee colonies may grow as large as 80,000 worker bees. With a variety of uses ranging from candlemaking to cosmetics production, wax is produced when bees convert their food into the wax comb.
After a hive has been established, beekeeping does not take much commitment. This is because bees work independently to produce honey and wax, which can be collected twice annually - often for years.

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