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Reading or Watching Shakespeare’s Plays

William Deyesso

As the CEO of Royal Administration Services, Inc., William Deyesso applied his skills to become known as the third-leading provider of third-party insurance in the United States. Now retired, William Deyesso pursues a wide variety of interests, including watching Shakespeare plays.

William Shakespeare died more than 400 years ago, but his literary works have endured to this day. Indeed, it’s a safe bet that every student of drama, English, or theater has read at least one of his works, which is perhaps the best starting point. Reading Shakespeare is essential.
However, Shakespeare probably did not intend for his plays to be read. Rather, he would have wanted us to experience them through their performance. The performances make them straightforward and enjoyable. Furthermore, one need not read and re-read the plays to comprehend what the lines mean. Watching them unfold in the play provides the best interpretation one can ever have.

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