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Four Tips for Fencing Beginners

William Deyesso

An executive vice president with Wynn Management and Development Company, William Deyesso has worked in the real estate market around Boston, Massachusetts, for over 30 years. Outside of his career, William Deyesso enjoys various athletic pastimes, including fencing. For those with an interest in fencing, here are four things beginners should know before picking up a foil.

1. Workout regularly and stretch beforehand. Fencing is a very demanding sport. Hours are spent lunging, leaping, and extending the upper body. It's important to stretch and keep the body strong to avoid injury.
2. Always wear the proper clothing. Fencing involves sharp weapons, but when wearing the correct clothing, there is little to no risk of danger. Wearing a mask, jacket, gloves, trainers, and long trousers with no holes or tears is important.
3. Start with a foil. Of the three types of armaments in fencing, the foil is the lightest. Starting with this weapon makes it easier to learn proper techniques, including balance and the right footwork.
4. Remember the proper manners. Fencing has a rich history, and many of the traditions carry on today. Before a bout, a fencer salutes his opponent, as well as the coach and judges. At the end, the opponents salute once more, remove their masks, and shake using their non-sword hands.

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