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Brown Bag Program Feeds Seniors in Boston

William Deyesso

Accomplished real estate developer and insurance executive William Deyesso spent 27 years as executive vice president for Winn Development, where he handled budgeting and oversaw the company’s development portfolio. William Deyesso supports a number of charitable causes in his area, including the Greater Boston Food Bank.

The leading hunger relief agency in New England, the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) distributes more than 57 million pounds of food annually. In addition to working with 550 member agencies, the GBFB provide resources directly to vulnerable community members.

Due to various circumstances including decreased mobility and fixed incomes, food insecurity among seniors has become a rapidly growing problem. In order to help address this issue, the GBFB’s Brown Bag program offers supplemental groceries to more than 8,500 seniors each month, distributed at 15 partner sites such as community and senior centers. Each bag, weighing around 40 pounds, contains a variety of nutritious food including fresh produce and pantry staples like peanut butter and pasta.

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