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British Sparkling Wine Wins Medal at Organic Wine Competition

William Deyesso

A longtime insurance and real estate executive, William Deyesso spent more than three decades in leadership roles with companies, such as Wynn Development and Royal Administration Services. Now retired, William Deyesso lives in New Hampshire and pursues a diverse range of hobbies, which includes an interest in organic wine.

As demand for organic food products has grown around the world in recent years, more wine producers are turning their attention towards producing organic versions of their products. In recognition of this trend, the wine industry has established tasting competitions dedicated solely to organic wines. The Global Organic Masters competition, in particular, recently held its tasting event in London, England.

The event took place on June 22, 2018, in the Opera Tavern, and brought together organic wine producers and a team of judges comprised of Master Sommeliers from around the world. Sampling wines in different categories throughout the day, the judges gave bronze, silver, and gold medals to outstanding vintages.
While the sparkling category was, as expected, dominated largely by the French producers, one gold medal was awarded to a sparkling organic wine produced in England, a development that surprised industry observers. The honor was given to a pink fizz produced by Albury Vineyard, located in the Surrey Hills region of England.

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