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American Cancer Society Releases Updated Book on Breast Cancer

A former real estate development professional, William Deyesso serves as the chief executive officer of third-party insurance administrator Buyer’s Choice Inc. In addition, William Deyesso actively supports several organizations, including the American Cancer Society (ACS).

The ACS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Through the years, ACS has launched several initiatives to support individuals with cancer and those who have survived the disease. One such initiative is Breast Cancer Clear & Simple, a guidebook intended to help women with breast cancer and their caregivers understand the disease and make medical decisions.
Recently, ACS announced that it is releasing a second edition of the book. The updated edition contains the most current medical information regarding diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This includes information about genetic counseling, the importance of the lymphatic system, and the types of available breast reconstruction. Moreover, it contains updated illustrations that will help readers understand crucial information.

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